A short guide on a generic approach for low latency in Django.

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This may not be a complete guide but is a good start for any developer who is freshly looking into the optimization of APIs in Django. The steps may not be completely Django specific but would be covering a few related to Python and database too.


13 reasons why coding standards and best practices are necessary.

Someday when you joined as a junior and there would have been that one senior or manager who was adamant about following coding standards. You might have felt it so frustrating when your code review or Pull request kept coming back despite it working perfectly. Coding standards might be a nightmare for many of us when we start working on real-time projects. Well, here are some practical reasons why we really need coding standards. I will be covering various coding standards and best practices in coming blogs.

While you were…

Lessons learned from a personal monitor hunt 😅

Why do I need an external monitor?

An external/second monitor could come as a need for both desktop users as well as laptop users and the following are some of the reasons I could think of:

A complete guide on how to publish python packages in Pypi — official python package repository.

Pypi is the software repository for Python and is the recommended way for publishing Python packages. Pypi has large number of packages freely available for download and installation. Though packages can be downloaded as tar files and installation can be done, recommended way is to use pip

Why publish to Pypi?

So when it comes to the question — why do we need to publish packages, I guess the following points must be suffice.

A quick guide for interview preparation for a Python and Django profile opportunity for beginners

The general expectation from this story would also include the answers for the interview questions also but I, however, believe it would be much beneficial the other way. If you feel like you do not know the answer then you will learn more than just the answer to the question on exploration. It’s also naive to assume the answer to be bound in a few sentences based on one person’s (mine) experience. …

Key things you need to know about Iterators and using them effectively.

Most of us know would be knowing what are iterators in Python but may not have spend much time on a deeper understanding. Recently I just started to read more of it and felt it would be good to write some key things I learned and here we go.

What are Iterators?

Well this part is just for the formality of starting with an explanation on what am going to explain deeper.

An iterator is an object that can be iterated upon.

Looping is customized by providing a…

Jumping into first job

Well, here I am just assuming that you are jumping into first job being student or a just pass out.

While we all start jumping into development, we all find GUI quite interesting over the geek terminal stuff. As time goes, it becomes evident that command line based text editors are inevitable. As we leave the beginner stage we all would find keyboards and CLI more cool and comfy. So it is necessary that we all have some idea on keyboard shortcuts, using terminal and at least one terminal editor.

There are many good command line based editors available today but I will be discussing about

PDB is the an interactive Python standard library for debugging. It provides easy debugging by allowing to set breakpoints anywhere in the program.

import pdb; pdb.set_trace()

Note:The newly introduced breakpoint() internally use PDB.

2. Ipython

A command shell for interactive computing in python3. It comes along with the Anaconda distribution or can be installed using Pip also.

pip install ipython

3. Flake8

Flake8 is a wrapper around these tools:

pip install flake8


easy_install flake8

Know DynamoDB in 5 minutes.

Most of you might have already heard about DynamoDB but for the rest, this blog intends to act as an introductory post.

What is DynamoDB?

A fully managed NoSQL database service provided by Amazon. Well this should give you one more reason to love AWS. Just like every other service AWS provides, DynamoDB too makes setup, configuration and maintenance way too simple and easy for the administrator. You can create database tables that can store and retrieve any amount of data, and serve any level of request traffic. …

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